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Welcome to Among the Ants. 

This website hosts information and news in regards to Among the Ants and μoment Creative mentoring platform.

the news.

[about siblings] 

Dear girls and boys, mums and dads,

Among the Ants explores the relationship between siblings. We are currently reading, researching and talking to different people in order to identify how can creativity support children with disabilities and/or chronic illness and their sibling(s).


The projects aims to reflect, explore, embrace these relationships in all their colours.

We are curating a three-step creative process together with artists from different disciplines.

The first version of the project has been designed together with artists based in London and Bristol. 

Currently, we are designing another version,  in collaboration with Athens based artists and organisations. 

The aim is to implement the project in 2024. 

You can find more information here and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

μoment   Creative.

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Let us talk!

μoment Creative is a mentoring program initiated by Constantina Georgiou and Among the Ants and provides space for personal and professional growth, alongside opportunities to develop and practise business skills needed in the art world via one-to-one personalised mentoring sessions for a period of 8 months. It addresses to art students, early career performers, creative professionals and newly established collectives, festivals and performing art companies.

All the info about μoment Creative can be found at



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